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School Targets

OFSTED 19th/20th April 2016

Following our OFSTED inspection 19th/20th April, this section will be updated with information about actions to address any necessary issues and updates of progress.  Please click here to see our Key Areas for Improvement from the report.

Our Targets and Planned Actions for 2015-16

Leading a school is an exciting journey as we constantly improve, evolve and drive forward. Everything we do is to raise standards in order to secure better outcomes for your children. On this page you will find details of the Actions and Targets we are striving to reach this year. 


Some of the improvements we have made to the building:

 - Updated the F1 & F2 Classrooms

 - Brand new office area

What were our targets from our last OFSTED inspection?

Following our last OFSTED inspection in January 2014, the inspectors made some recommendations for what we as a school need to do in order to move forward. These were:

  • Improve the Quality of teaching in order to raise standards, particularly in writing, so that more pupils make rapid progress
  • Improve Leadership and Management

As well as working hard to address these areas, we also set our own targets and actions in order to improve the school, the learning environment and raise standards in Teaching and Learning.

Our Targets and Objectives

To increase the percentage of teaching judged Good and Outstanding with a particular focus on expectations and challenge.

To improve the quality of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics.

To improve marking so that it consistently tells pupils how to improve their work.

To ensure that Marking is consistent across the school

To produce an agreed Marking Policy

To improve the quality of teaching by giving pupils time to correct their work and learn from their mistakes

To set consistent expectations of what pupils can achieve.

To ensure that pupils particularly the most able are challenged

To ensure that pupils always present their work to the best of their ability

To show planned actions to improve teachers’ performance are clear and measurable

.To ensure information about the school’s performance provides school with an accurate view of how well school is doing.

To provide all subject and SENCO Co-ordinators with time/opportunity to check standards in their areas.