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About Us

ABout us

We are an above average sized, two form Primary school with approximately 400 children on roll, plus an additional 26 places in Nursery.  We have a very good staff to pupil ratio, employing teachers, teaching assistants, support staff as well as buying in the services of specialists, for example sports coaches. 

The School accepts pupils from Nursery through to Year Six before they transfer to secondary education. This means that the children can be with us for a total of eight years, during which time we endeavour to bring out the best in each and every child in terms of their social, educational and physical development.  

As a Catholic School, Christ is at the center of all we do. Our curriculum, Mission Statement, values and beliefs all flow from this center point of God, so that the children grow, learn, achieve and develop spiritually as well as academically. Please click on the badge below to see our school Mission Statement.

Click here for Mission Statement

Click here for Mission Statement


We are an inclusive school and welcome children of all backgrounds, and treat everyone with equal respect and value. Children with English as a second language are supported through our agreement with the Multi Ethnic Assessment Service through Wirral Local Authority. 

Children with Special Needs are well supported through targeted teaching and our additional programmes delivered by teaching assistants. For more information about how we support children with Special needs, click here to see our SEND offer or click here to see the Wirral SEND Local Offer. Our School SENCO is also available to meet with you to discuss any needs.


How to find Us

Please click here to go to the Contact Us section of the website where you will find a map showing the schools location.

Joining us

If you are considering sending your children to the school then formal applications can be made for the nursery through the school office. We offer 26 places in a morning session.

Entry to the Foundation Stage at the age of 4 is by allocation which means that application has to be made through the Local Education Authority (Wirral) by February of the year in which your child is to start school in September. This includes those children who already attend our Nursery.

Click the link below to go to the LEA admissions page

For 'in-year' transfers, please speak to the Office Staff who can give you more information and provide you with application forms for entry. 

You are more than welcome to come and have a look around the school and judge the atmosphere for yourselves. Please contact the School Office in order to make an appointment. For our admissions policy please visit the Policies page.

The School Day

For F2 and Year 1-6 the school opens at 8.50 am. From this time children go to their class rooms to be greeted by their teacher. Registers are taken at 9.00 am and remain open until 9.05 am. If your child arrives after this time, please go to the office to sign your child in.

Nursery (F1) children enter the class at 8.45am. We currently offer 15 hours per week provision - 3 hours a day. The children are brought out to be collected by parents at 11.45am.

The children have a break of 15 minutes at 10.30, during which each Key Stage goes to their own playground. 

Lunch time is 12.00 - 1.15pm. Please click here for more information about lunch at St Joseph's.

The children have an afternoon break at 2.15pm. During break times, the children engage in physical activity, form friendships and develop social skills. 

F2 finish the school day at 3.25 pm, and for all other children, 3.30pm.

Please collect your children from the Playgrounds:

F2 and F1 from the Early Years garden area, Y4, Y3 and Y2 from the KS2 playground, Y5 and Y6 from the KS1 playground, and Y1 from the Y1 door area. 

If you wish to speak to your child's teacher or the Head teacher, please go to the office to make an appointment.

Homework - Our Vision and belief

While we believe that homework can be important in helping the children secure their understanding of a concept, we do also acknowledge that you and your children have increasingly busy lives.  We understand the children are involved in activities and clubs during the evenings.

We have therefore devised a homework policy in order to provide some activities to further the children’s academic knowledge and understanding, but to also develop the holistic ‘whole child’.

Children from Y1-6 receive a weekly homework sheet. This will contain set homework, including spellings, multiplication, reading logs, phonics and prayer and reflection time. The reverse of the sheet contains activities set by the class teacher and linked to topic - these might include researching a time period, learning a poem or engaging in charity work. The activities change each half term. Children who return a completed homework sheet for each week of the half term are entered in to a prize draw. Click here to see some examples of the homework set.


Parental Partnership

In order for our school to operate effectively and to provide the best possible experiences and opportunities for your children, it is essential that the school and parents work together. We ask you to support us by familarising yourself with our school policies and by agreeing to follow them.  If you have any questions or concerns please do speak to the office staff, make an appointment to meet with your child's teacher or the Head teacher or contact us.