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Safeguarding Information and resources

Safeguarding Information 

On this page we have gathered together various resources, links and information to help parents and carers support their children to remain safe 



We all want to keep our children safe


You’ve probably already talked to them about things like crossing the road safely. But have you spoken to them about how to stay safe from sexual abuse? We know it’s
a conversation no parent wants to have, but we believe it can feel just as natural, and be just as easy, as the road safety chat.

We call it talking PANTS. From P through
to S, each letter gives an important message for children as young as four to help them stay safe. 

Click here to download the parent information guide

Click here to visit the NSPCC PANTS website - Resources, videos, guides and more


SOcial Media - Net aware

Find it hard to keep up with the latest social network sites? Do you know the age restrictions of sites such as Instagram or Facebook? What's the difference between a Tweet, a blog, a post and a like? This handy guide allows you to search for each network site and gives you all the key information in one place, such as terminology, age restrictions and how to set parent controls

Social Media - Share aware


The NSPCC have also produced a series of videos and guides to help parents with their children's online world - from drafting family agreements to helping children understand the dangers of sharing personal information. 

Click here to visit the site



You may have seen the advert on TV - 'I've Seen Your Willy' is a short cartoon video from the NSPCC helping children understand how taking and sharing pictures online can be really harmful. Click here to view the video.


Internet safety -useful parent links

The following links to various websites will give you more information on keeping your children safe online.

Being E-safe with your Children

Internet Matters

Commonsense Media Guides

Google Tools

Screen Time

The Chief Medical Officer for the UK has published guidance on screen-based activities.

The guidance has an infographic which helps parents and carers think about the challenges of managing their children's screen use. Click the poster on the right to enlarge.

Home Alone


Deciding if your child is ready to be left home alone can be a tricky decision.

There are lots of things to think about. Plus, there are no hard and fast ‘home alone’ rules or laws because every child is different. This NSPCC link helps you make up your mind about whether leaving your child home alone is a good idea, as well as tips for choosing appropriate childcare if you decide it's not.


Sexual Behaviours - Traffic light 

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what is age appropriate for different age ranges when it comes to demonstrating sexual behaviour. Brook have produced a 'Traffic Light Tool' to allow you to see what are 'Green' behaviours for each age range, and what are 'Amber' and 'Red'. Click on each age range for an overview and guide.

Age 0-5                Age 5-9                   Age 9-13


Well being hub


The Health and Well-being Hub is a safe and confidential place to discuss health related topics including :
healthy eating, weight management, sleep behaviour, bed wetting, behavioural concerns, emotional well-being, confidence/self-esteem and lifestyle advice, as well as signposting and referrals to other services if needed.

The 0-19 service has launched new drop in clinics available across the Wirral for 5-19 year olds.

Young people and their parents are able to drop in to any of the clinics that are available regardless of where a young person lives or goes to school.

Click here to find details of times and locations of the Hubs



- Advice line for anyone who is supporting young people to call for advice about concerns they might have in regards to a child or Young person’s mental health.

Mental Health and Stress in children and young people

Click here to download a leaflet with advice for supporting mental health in children and young people

Click here to download a leaflet with advice for supporting children with coping with stress


Parent’s guide to childhood anxiety

Click here to be redirected to the website ‘The Expert Parent's Guide to Childhood Anxiety’ for advice and resources for supporting with anxiety in children


Wirral safeguarding board 


Wirral has its own website containing key information, contact details and resources to support parents and carers. This can be accessed by clicking here