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SEN (Special Educational Needs)

SEN at St Joseph's - Information for Parents

The Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) is Miss Clare Ward. She is out of class all day every Tuesday and is always happy to meet parents by appointment. Please contact her, preferably by email on the address below, or by contacting the school office.  

Email address:


APRIL 2018

Thank you to all parents who attended and enthusiastically took part in our Maths Workshop with Sue Calveley. 

The feedback we received was extremely positive, with parents commenting that they found it very useful and will be trying many of the strategies discussed at home. The workshop emphasised the importance of incorporating Maths into everyday life, for example by playing board games like Snakes and Ladders, letting children pay for items in shops, playing card games like '21' and letting children help with weighing and measuring for cooking. 

For parents who were unable to attend, please have a look at the links below to find further useful games and activities to support your children. Look out for the KS2 Maths Workshop, coming soon.

MARCH 2017

  • One-Page Plans are due to be reviewed by the end of March. Teachers will be speaking to parents shortly to discuss progress towards outcomes and next steps forward.

  • On Tuesday 21st March, children and staff enjoyed wearing their odd socks to school as part of Downs Syndrome Awareness day.

  • We are lucky to have secured a volunteer from the charity Pets As Therapy, who is visiting us in school with her lovely labrador Lily every week as part of the Read To Dogs scheme. The children are really enjoying their time with Lily and she is enjoying hearing them read!

Lily and her owner, Miss Turner.

Lily and her owner, Miss Turner.


  • Children have been settling into their new classes and teachers have been writing new One Page Plans for this term. We hope parents have all received and discussed these plans with the class teachers- please do ask if there is anything you would like more information about.

  • In September, a specialist teacher from the Orret's Meadow Outreach Team started working with a group of our KS2 pupils and training one of our Teaching Assistants on strategies to support children with their literacy skills.

  • In October, Miss Ward commenced the National Senco Award at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • In November, Speech Therapist Susanne Boden provided some staff with sign language training. We are hoping to teach some sign language throughout the school as studies has shown this to be very effective in supporting children's language skills.

Below: Mrs Langan and Mrs Lester practising their signing skills.


  • In June, two of our Teaching Assistants attended training on how to support children with dyscalculia. These staff will be presenting what they have learnt at one of our weekly staff meetings so that the whole staff can benefit from their knowledge in their work with the children.

  • In June, four members of staff went on Team Teach training, designed to teach them a range of strategies for behaviour manangement and dealing with challenging behaviour.

  • Teachers are starting to review children's One Page Profiles as part of their end-of-year assessments. If your child has a One Page Profile, their class teacher will be speaking to you this half term as part of the review process and giving you the chance to discuss your child's progress towards their targets.

Results of Pupil Survey February 2016

Thank you to all parents and pupils who completed the pupil questionnaire regarding pupils' experiences and thoughts about school. We received feedback from all age ranges, from F2 to Year 6. We will use all of your feedback to help improve outcomes. These were the key findings:

  • 77% of children questioned like coming to school (2 children said they didn't know).

  • 69% of children feel they are getting better at their work (3 said they didn't know).

  • 77% of children say their teacher praises them when they do well (1 child didn't know).

  • 69% of children find the work they do interesting (4 children didn't know).

  • 46% of children feel good about themselves (4 children didn't know)


  • Ensure all children know the targets on their One-Page Profiles/ Support Plans and will know when they have done well and achieved.

  • Improve feedback to parents regarding any intervention their children have had, so parents know what their children have achieved and can continue to support them at home.

  • Investigate ways of improving the self-esteem of children with SEND so a greater number feel good about themselves.

Thank you again for completing the questionnaires and we will continue to keep you updated on changes.