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Woodchurch Rd
United Kingdom

Meet the Staff

Acting Headteacher

Mr A. Turner


Acting Deputy Headteacher/ Y6 Teacher

Mrs D. Bertram

Year 6 - Mrs C. Finlay

Year 5 - Mr M. Nayland

Year 4

Year 4 - Mrs S. Corr

Year 3 - Mrs M. Ward

Year 3 - Mrs L. Davies

Year 2 - Miss C. Ward

Year 2 - Mrs A. Summers

Year 2 - Mrs S. Burley

Year 1- Mrs V. Weate

F1 - Mrs J. Scallion

Year 1 - Mrs S.Willoughby

F1 - Mrs R. Jones

F2 - Mrs C. Lester

Mrs A. Williamson

F2 - Mrs C. Passman

Staff Roles:

Safeguarding Team - Mr A. Turner - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs D. Bertram - Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Miss C. Ward - Safeguarding staff, Mrs A. Finnegan - Safeguarding staff

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs M. Ward

Early Years Leader - Mrs C. Lester

SENDCo - Miss C. Ward


Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Kelly

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Evans

Teaching Assistant

Mrs P. McDermot

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. Williams

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Langan

Office Administrator

Mrs A. Finnegan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R. McNeil

School Secretary

Mrs M. Price

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Murray


Mr M. Barrie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Ward


Chair of Governors

Mrs A. Roberts

Governing Body

Please click here to see a full list of the Governing Body and their roles


St Joseph's Church

Fr Nick Kern

St Joseph's Church

Rev Les Arch