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School Uniform

Here at St Joseph’s we strongly encourage the wearing of our school uniform. We believe having a school uniform promotes good behavior, discipline and pride in our school. We want our children to be proud members of our school community and understand that by wearing our uniform, they identify themselves as a member of school, and represent our vision and ethos.

Wearing of the uniform at Primary School also sets a good grounding for Secondary schools, where uniform policies tend to be more rigid and sanctions can be issued for breeches of the policy, as well as preparing them for future, where the wearing of a ‘uniform’ may be compulsory, such as in employment or for certain conventions.

We thank you for your support in assisting us implement our uniform policy.

September 2018

From September 2018, we will be introducing a new Uniform element for children from Y3-6 (Juniors).

For children in Y3 upwards, a school blazer will be available for your child to wear. We decided on only introducing the blazer for our junior children, as we acknowledge that the younger children are more likely to get it dirty, and more likely to misplace it. We also feel that having the blazer in the ‘upper’ part of the school marks them out as being ‘junior’ as well as preparing them early for Secondary schools, which do insist on a blazer being worn.

Alongside the blazer, a school tie featuring our dove logo is also available, as a ‘clip on’ for safety reasons. The shirt is a plain white shirt. Also available (not pictured) is a grey sleeveless tank top for the colder months. Black or charcoal grey trousers or skirts can be worn. We also request that black shoes (not trainers or boots) be worn.

Children in Y3 upwards do not have to wear a blazer, but may instead opt for a combination of skirt/trousers, white shirt/blouse, tank top or school jumper. For the jumper it will be a charcoal jumper with school badge. The red sweatshirts may be worn for now, but ultimately it would be best if these were kept to the infant children. If you choose not to wear the blazer, we strongly encourage the wearing of the tie with the shirt and grey jumper.

The children do not have to wear the blazer all day and of course may take it off if they get hot or to play outside. 

Blazer 1.jpg
Blazer 2.jpg

For children in F2-Y2 (Infants), the uniform is black or grey trousers or skirts, black shoes, and white shirt/polo shirt and a red sweatshirt/cardigan. However, younger children may also wear the school tie if they wish.


For all PE lessons children have black pumps, trainers and a red polo shirt and black shorts. These can be embroidered with the school logo, but do not have to be.


Purchasing the uniform

All items of uniform, including blazers, ties and tank tops are available from the Uniform Shop. They have been notified of the introduction and should have the items available to buy over the next few months. Last year we also added our details to Tesco so that uniform can be purchased from them – however, currently not all items are available. We will let you know when they are and which items.

If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium, we can assist in the buying of school uniform. If this applies, please let the office know and which items you require. If you are unsure if your child is eligible, please follow the link below, enter your details and we will then be informed if you qualify.



We have a range of accessories available to purchase at the office, such as water bottles and branded P.E. bags and book bags. Please speak to the office for the full range